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Good Morning.
..Yesterday I posted the latest update on El Nino on the El Nino Page of the website for those of you who are interested.
..Today will be similar to yesterday as far as temperatures go. Big Bear was in the low to mid 30s again last night but should start warming up slowly over the next few days.
..A Trough of Low pressure of the West Coast of Nor-Cal will continue to be the main player in our weather today. 500mb Heights will remain about the same through Monday, or Tuesday, before High pressure now over Texas begins to expand toward the West.
.. As the High expands West around mid week, temperatures will begin to rise but nothing to radical as of yet. Locally I expect a 10*-12* rise over today’s temperatures, by Wednesday, the warmest day of the next five. Then a cooling trend will return as another Trough of Low pressure to our North moves through. This will last through Friday or Saturday.
..After Saturday, High pressure will return with 500mb Heights rising as well which means HOT weather will be coming toward the last week of August. As far as the Monsoon flow goes, there will be a couple of short bursts mixed in with the flow over the next week, but nothing significant looking at this time. *RC
..As we head into the latter part of Summer and the Fall Season, the local Forest vegetation is drying out. Fuel moistures are below average now, and the Fire Danger levels are on the rise. Be sure to check Fire Regulations before camping to make sure of current Fire Regulations. Also I will be posting the Fire Danger levels on the WX Alerts page for a more in depth look at the local fire weather..(Website)
..Thank you for joining me @

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-77/52*, Twin Peaks-72/53*, Lk Arrowhead-76/55*, Running Springs-71/53*, Big Bear-75/36*, GVL-73/44*, San Berdo-95/60*, Wtrmn Cyn-83/53*.

..On the main page of the website, I have added two live webcam views, one of Lake Gregory pointing North, and the other facing Southeast toward Waterman canyon. These are very helpful for the drive up and down the hill. If the camera view is gray, that means it’s foggy.

..Be sure to check out the other pages on the website for the Latest on El Nino, live webcams from around the area, live Radar, Satellite loops, Traffic conditions, along with live Weather conditions, and a live view of Lake Gregory from my weather station at the South side of the lake. Have a good Day! *RC

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