Friday, September 22, 2023


..Good Morning.
..Today is the last full day of Summer.
..This morning we have clear skies with no Fog around the local area, or on the HWY’s. We do have mid level clouds streaming across the area from the Southwest leftover from once Tropical Storm Kenneth. As the day wears on, we could see a few sprinkles from this fetch of Tropical Moisture over the mountains, along with Virga under the higher clouds.
..Today’s temperatures will be a little warmer than yesterday by a few degrees. Any winds should remain pretty light for today and tomorrow.
..All of this Moisture will move out of our area by tomorrow. High pressure will build in across SoCal from the South for the weekend, but will not be very strong, so temperatures will only rise a few degrees to the upper 60s to mid 70s at best.
..The Ridge of High pressure will begin to weaken early next week allowing a cooling trend to return.
..A deep area of Low pressure will develop early next week far to our North and slide South along the Coast of the PAC-NW, then move East from there.
..Rain will be likely as far South as the Bay area as it looks now. The High to our South will be coupled with a more Zonal Jet Stream acting as a buffer, and will not allow the Low to move into our area.
..Then a second stronger area of Low pressure will move further South along the Coast of California for later in the week.
..This second system will have some effects on SoCal. Morning Fog, with gusty winds, can be expected with this system along with cooler temperatures, as it moves through the area on Friday and Saturday. As it looks now, other than Drizzle and Fog, it doesn’t appear to bring rain to our area as of this morning’s model runs.
.Have a good day, and thank you for joining me here this morning at RC

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures and current winds:

Crestline:(my location) 58/43*-E-2-5mph, Playground Drive WS: 61/45*-S-3-10mph, Dart Canyon: 61/48*, Cedar Pines Park: 55/45*, Pilot Rock Camp:(MILLER CANYON) 68/43*-FM13, Twin Peaks-Summit area: 61/46*, Strawberry Lodge TP-60/45*, Rim Forest: 58/48*, Lake Arrowhead Village: 59/43*, Hospital WXST: 61/48*, Rock Camp: 63/51*-FM08, Arrowhead Villas/Sky Forest: 56/50*, Cedar Ridge: 60/47*, Cedar Glen: 66/35*, Santa’s Village: 58/47*-SW-3-8mph, Heaps Peak: 60/49*-S-10-22mph-FM08, Running Springs: 60/50*, Live Oak RS: 65/47*, Arrowbear: 64/35*, Green Valley Lk: 63/42*, Big Bear: 70/39*, Upper Waterman Canyon: 64/51-SE-3-7mph, Lower Waterman Canyon: 71/55*-NE-4-9mph, San Berdo: 75/54*, Devore: 65/53*-NE-5-8mph, Cajon Pass: 66/52*-N-3-12mph.
..The Fire Danger levels are currently MODERATE today.
This link is a good source of weather knowledge books from Forecasting, to general knowledge.