Thursday, July 18, 2024



..Good Morning.
..Today we start the day with mostly clear skies across the mountains. There will be a chance for scattered Thunderstorms today as a weak plume of Monsoonal Moisture flows in from the South later today. Mt Baldy and Big Bear look like the most likely areas that will see a chance for T/Storms today. West of Big Bear will see a 20% chance. Due to the potential for T/Storms across the Mountain communities, temperatures will vary quite a bit. We could see Temps in the Arrowhead and Crestline areas running from the mid to upper 80s and possibly 90 in the warmest areas. But if we do see a large build up of Towering Cumulus clouds today these temps will be cooler in the affected areas. There will also be a chance of scattered showers today during the afternoon that will accompany any Storms that may develop.
..The resilient area of High pressure that just won’t quit, is currently centered over the Four Corners Region. The upper level flow around the High will be the reason for the short influx of Moisture today.
..Tomorrow the area of High pressure now over the four Corners area will expand Westward again. As it does, this will effectively close the door on the Monsoon for a few days as well as increase the daytime temperatures locally as the center of the High spreads across SoCal and the Great Basin Region.
..Friday and Saturday should be our hottest days before we see a slight cooling trend on Sunday through Tuesday. The Monsoonal Moisture will return Sunday so we can expect to see a return of a chance of Thunderstorms to the area again through Tuesday as the area of High pressure slightly weakens. The trade off will be higher humidity levels making for humid weather.
..Looking out long range today, once again the area of High pressure will strengthen starting Tuesday afternoon bringing a return of warmer temperatures lasting through Friday.
..THEN a change is coming! Next weekend a weak Summer Trough will drop out of the PAC-NW. This will bring what looks like substantial cooling starting next Friday (one week away) that will break down the resilient area of High Pressure that has remained anchored over the West. So as we close out July, there is finally some sign of relief in sight! Fingers crossed! RC
Summer is here! Stay hydrated and take breaks if you are outdoors working. Also don’t forget about your pets. They can get hot and dehydrated too. Extra shade and water is necessary for them. Thank you for joining me here at
..My weather outlooks are derived from what I feel is most probable for our area. RC

Saturday, October 23, 2021


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..Good Morning.
..This morning, a weak Trough is passing over SoCal. As a result, the Marine layer has moved inland and is up to around 5500′ thick, with fog and clouds along and below the Rim.
..This will slowly clear out today as the Trough moves out of the area. However morning fog and low clouds can be expected again overnight and in the morning tomorrow.
..Temperatures will be running in the upper 50s to mid 60s today across the mountains as well as on Sunday.
..Late Sunday as a much stronger system approaches the West, we will see gusty winds develop along the Rim and front country in advance of a pretty wet system that will bring a good wetting rain to the area through early Tuesday morning.
..This system will have support of an Atmospheric River (AR) that will be dying out as it passes over SoCal. However, it will be strong enough to bring up to 2 inches of rain in some local mountain upslope areas. The recent burn areas need to keep watch over the recently burned hills for the possibility of flash Flooding or mud flows.
..The snow levels due to the AR from the South will keep those levels at 7500′ and above for this storm.
..As this will be the first rain that will likely cause some run off, this is a good time to check those drainage areas to make sure they are clear of debris.
..Tuesday and for the rest of the week ahead, we will have clearing skies and warming temperatures as High pressure rebuilds into the SoCal region. RC
..That’s it for now, have a good day! RC


Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures and current winds:

Crestline-65/47*, Playground Dr-59/44*, Cdr-Pines Park-61/44*, Dart Canyon-65/48*, Twin-Peaks-60/43*, Rim Forest-66/41*, Lake Arrowhead-64/45*, Arrowhead Villas-60/44*, Heaps Peak-60/44*, Running Springs-62/45*, Arrowbear-65/37*, Green Valley Lk-59/42*, Big Bear-66/45*, Upper Waterman Canyon-68/49*, Lower Waterman Canyon-74/53*, San Berdo-79/53*, Devore Heights-75/52*, Cajon Pass-70/52*, Rock Camp-65/41*, Sky Park-59/45*.