Sunday, November 29, 2020



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..Good Morning.
..Not much going on with the weather these days. Just more of the same. Mostly clear skies, offshore winds, cool daytime temperatures and cold nights.
..Today through Tuesday, we will have a weak offshore flow for the mountains. Higher pressure in the Great Basin will be the driving force behind the NE flow of the winds. Other than along the Ridges and in the Canyons, winds will be rather weak through Tuesday.
..Wednesday, an area of Low pressure will slide down the interior West between the Rockies and the West Coast of California into Arizona. Meanwhile High pressure will build to our North in the interior Northwest. This will set up a fairly decent Pressure Gradient across the West. The clockwise motion of the High to our North, and the Counterclockwise motion of the Low in Arizona will make for a pretty good Santa Ana wind event for Wednesday night into Thursday. Cold air advection will again play into the local temperatures bringing in cold air from the North, along with low humidity levels. So once again, we will have Critical Fire Danger levels Wednesday through Friday morning.
..Looking out in the Crystal Ball for rain. There is nothing showing up through the middle of December.
..Today’s Fire Weather is still VERY HIGH due to the low humidity levels. We have gotten past the worst of the winds and so far no major issues.
..Thanks for joining me @

..As always, be safe, and please wear you mask if you go out. If not for you, wear it for the others around you that may have a weak immune system or just out of respect for others.
..Be sure to add this website to your favorites.( ) The live webcams on the webcam page, and real time weather center on the main page can be a big help if you are off the hill and want to know what is going on here.
..That’s it for this morning.*RC

Yesterday’s’ High and Low temperatures were:

Crestline-50/28*, Playground Dr-44/38* NE @ 23-27mph, Cdr-Pines Park-49/36*, Twin-Peaks-54/36*, Rim Forest-52/39*, Lake Arrowhead Village-47/26*, Arrowhead Villas-48/36*, Heaps Peak-52/40*, Running Springs-58/37*, Crab Flats-GVL-50/40*, Big Bear-55/23*, Upper Waterman Canyon-60/50*,NE-5-14mph, San Berdo-75/43*, Arrowhead Springs-69/50*, Devore Heights-65/53*, Cajon Lookout-51/42*-NW-13-18mph.


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