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..Good Morning.
..Here we go! This morning as the “Bomb Cyclone” strengthens to our North, we have very strong and gusty winds. As of 7:00am, both of our Weather Stations on the Rim are reporting wind gusts to 62mph from the South along with Fog. Here at the South side of lake Gregory, I have wind gusts from 20-31mph from the South, Fog, and drizzle.
..Today we will have increasing clouds cover along with Ridge Fog as the first Trough moves through the area. Rain, and snow, can be expected across the Mountain today and at times for the next three days. The snow level this morning will begin around the 5500′ level. Rain will begin by 11am with snow above the 5000′ level and a mix of rain and snow below that elevation as the snow levels slowly drop to the 4000′ level by late tonight and tomorrow.
..Snow estimates for today through midnight will be as follows: Crestline-0-2″, Lake Arrowhead-1-3″, Twin Peaks-3-6″, Running Springs and Arrowbear-4-8″, Big Bear and Green Valley Lake, 4-9″. Strong and gusty winds will continue through most of the day today. Blowing snow, tree branches and rain can all be expected throughout the day along with poor driving conditions across all of the mountain areas. Chains will be required later today in some of these areas so be prepared!!
..For Thanksgiving day. Rain and snow will be heavy at times as the second wave comes through the area. Currently, there is a few changes going on with the forecast in that moisture from the south may get entrained in this part of the system. As the Cold Arctic air arrives and the warmer moist southern flow mixes in, Thunderstorms, heavy rain, Hail, and heavy snowfall will be likely along with strong and gusty winds. Traveling will be a nightmare for most of the area as this part of the storm comes through SoCal. Due to the possible changes, the snow levels will be rapidly changing as T-Storms will lower the levels, and the warmer air will raise it at times as well. Snowfall estimates for tomorrow are as follows: Crestline 4-10″, Lake Arrowhead 6-12″, Running Springs and Arrowbear 10-16″ and Big Bear and Green Valley Lake 12-24″.
..Friday will be the coldest day as Arctic air will be upon us. Snow flurries will continue throughout the day as slow clearing takes place. ICY roads and poor driving conditions will exist so please be careful out there. Road crews will be working through the Thanksgiving Holiday trying to clear the roads for safe travel. Do not park in the road or throw snow in the road, be considerate of your neighbors who want to get out. Crews will be cindering the main roads and clearing any debris that has fallen due to the winds and or heavy snow. This will be a good first storm of the season for our forest and hopefully put an end too the Fire Season locally.
..Saturday will be partly cloudy but don’t out away your snow shovels just yet. Next week we may see another series of storms with (AR) Atmospheric River, enhancement through Wednesday.More on that after we weather this storm. *RC
..If you are going out during this time, you need to be prepared for poor driving conditions. You will need tire chains, and blankets in case you are stuck. Visibility will be poor as well. Cars will be stuck all over the place as there are always those who don’t prepare. Do not park in the street as the plows will need to get through ALL of the roads. This is our first Winter storm of the season that will impact travel on all local roads. Be careful and plan ahead! RC*
..Have a good day, and enjoy the nice mountain weather. Thanks for joining me @

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-45/36*, Twn-Pks-44/31*, Lk-Arwhd-50/33*, Rng-Sprgs-39/29*, Big-Bear-45/32*, GVL-43/26*, San-Berdo-66/46*, Wtrmn-Cyn-55/36*, HPS/PK-40/21*,Ply/Grnd 43/31*.


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