Thursday, Jan 16, 2020





..Good Morning.
..This morning we have mostly clear skies with light South West winds running from 5-8mph.
..An area of Low pressure is moving South along the Coast this morning bringing rain and snow at the higher elevations, and to most of the PAC-NW. As this system moves South today, rain will spread South as well to most of SoCal by this evening.
..Rain, with higher elevation snow can be expected to begin between 6-8pm tonight. Ridge Fog will begin to develop by around 4-5pm today lasting through early tomorrow morning. This storm will move through quickly, weakening as it does. Preliminary rainfall totals are running around .50-.75″ for the mountains with the snow level beginning at around the 5500′ level, then lowering to the 4500-5000′ level by early tomorrow morning. The South West facing slopes will see the greatest amount of Rainfall due to Orographic lift from the South West flow. As this system works it’s way through the area, rainfall totals will diminish as it moves South.
..As for snowfall amounts, Running Springs, Arrowbear, and Big Bear could receive from 2-4″ of snow from this storm. As the freezing level lowers, snow could fall as low as the 4500′ level with only a trace of snow accumulation at that elevation. Most, if not all of the snow accumulations will be above the 5300′ level. Below that elevation will just be wet snow showers and rain.
..Winds will be strong late this afternoon as the gust front moves through around 4-6pm. Gusts from 15-35mph can be expected tonight with the possibility of higher gusts to 50mph along the Ridges and in the normal wind prone areas through the night tapering off tomorrow by mid morning.
..All of this will clear out by mid morning tomorrow as High pressure is right on the heels of this system. The weekend will be warmer with mostly clear skies through Monday.
..A weak system will pass through Monday but at this time, that system looks dry for our area.
..The next system that may bring rain or snow to the area will arrive around the 20th of January.
..Have a good day today and enjoy the ever changing mountain weather.
..That’s it for today. Have a good day and thanks for joining me at

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-57/43*, Playground drive WS-51/40* Twin-Peaks-53/35*, Rim Forest-57/39*, Lake Arrowhead Village-57/42*, Running-Springs-50/39*, Heaps Peak-50-39*,Green Valley lake-NR/NR*, Big-Bear-55/27*, Wtrmn-Cyn-62/36*, San-Berdo-70/39*.

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