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On the “TODAY’S WEATHER” page there are live radar loops available.
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Good Morning.
After a Windy and cloudy day yesterday, Sunny skies will prevail for the rest of the week ahead. Light winds and clear skies with no rain in the forecast for the up coming week as an area of High pressure builds in from the Pacific. Temps around the SoCal area will warm through the week ahead with highs from 10-15 degrees above normal. For the Mountain areas, we too will warm up with temps from the upper 50s to the mid 60s, as we progress through the week ahead. Later in the week, the storm track will move into the North West bringing rain and snow to that area. A slight chance for light rain is possible as far down as Pismo. For those who are having a SUPER BOWL PARTY today, the weather will be perfect.
Temps for today around the Mountain will be, for the Crestline and Lake Arrowhead areas, Highs today will be from 58-64*, over night lows will run from 38-45* and little to no wind. For the Big Bear, Green Valley Lake and Running Springs areas, highs today will run from 50-56* and tonight’s lows will run from the low 30s to 42*,with little to no wind as well. *RC

That’s it for today, have a good Day, and thank you for spending a little time with this morning. *RC
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Local High and Low temps from the last 24 hours are:

LAKE GREGORY——–48/41…….Elevation 4618’………..0.01″ RAIN
TWIN PEAKS————43/40…….Elevation 5784′ ……….0.01″ RAIN
RIM FOREST————44/42…….Elevation 5768′ ……….0.02″ RAIN
ROCK CAMP F/S——-50/41…….Elevation 4897′ ……….0.02″ RAIN
CEDAR RIDGE———-44/41………Elevation 5580′ ……..0.01″ RAIN
RUNNING SPRINGS—42/40………Elevation 6228’……..0.00″ RAIN
GREEN VLY LAKE——42/35………Elevation 6973’……..0.02 RAIN
BIG BEAR—————–44/24………Elevation 6768′ ………0.18″ RAIN
CSUSB———————64/57………Elevation 1278’………0.00″ RAIN
Rainfall amounts are, Storm totals as of the morning update during rain events.
Temps are 24hour max and min.
If you check the “ROAD CONDITIONS” page there is a live picture from HWY 18 AND LAKE GREGORY DRIVE. Use this to check the FOG or other road conditions such as CHAIN CONTROL.
Be sure to check the WEBCAM page to see how the weather looks at other locations around the mountain as well.

Current Lake Gregory Weather Conditions:


January 30, 2015 ENSO update.
The Ocean temperatures along the East Pacific region has continued to cool to what would be normal SST’s for this time of year. The general consensus toward an El Nino is still in the 50-60% range for the remainder of the Winter and Spring of 2015. Along the Northern West Coast, a possible pattern change for the upcoming week may bring much needed precipitation and or Snow, to the Sierras. A series of storms look likely to arrive during the latter part of the work week ahead along with a strong Jet Stream carrying a good moisture feed toward the West Coast. By Thursday night, most of the Sierras from Mammoth North through the Tahoe area will see Rain and or Snow, above the 7500’level. At this time, it doesn’t look as through SoCal will see much if any of this storm series. However, this is still a few days off and things may change. The long range 90 Day Precipitation forecast still is in favor of a wetter than normal period for SoCal at this time.
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