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Good Morning.
..This morning we have Fog along with widespread Rain, across the area. So far, rainfall totals at my location at the South side of Lake Gregory is 1.00″ @ 0600. A couple of bands of rain will move through the SoCal region over the next 24hours. The first band is moving through now, and the next band should arrive by early this afternoon, although you may not see a break locally.
..We are in a Winter Weather Pattern due to the positioning of the Polar Jet Stream being forced along the West Coast around an East Pacific stationary High. This is causing the Polar Jet to act like Winter and push Storms South along the West Coast and into SoCal.
..We will continue to have rain showers throughout the day today and into Monday morning.
..As this is a Cold Core Low, the next band of showers will bring in the colder air to the region lowering snow levels to as low as 6000′ at times. The Higher elevations may receive from 1-3″ of snow, while the lower elevations will see more rain with storm rainfall totals of 1.00-2.00″ by tomorrow. The core of this Low will track through the Las Vegas area by tomorrow morning, then as the system moves East from there we will see some clearing locally by late morning tomorrow. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR OUR AREA, AS WELL AS A WIND WARNING through tomorrow morning. Also there will be a chance for a Thunderstorm as the cold air arrives later today.
..Tuesday we should have mostly clear skies as we will be in a quick moving Ridge at that time between systems. Then by Tuesday night we will have increasing clouds with more rain and snow to the higher elevations above 6000′ for Wednesday.
..Thursday we will be clearing again but yet another system will work through for Friday and again on Monday as it looks now.
..On the long range crystal ball outlook, after the system for Monday/Tuesday, I think we will get into a more typical Pattern with High pressure moving over the SoCal region and a warming trend.
..On the main page of the website, I have added two live webcam views, one of Lake Gregory pointing North, and the other facing Southeast toward Waterman canyon. These are very helpful for the drive up and down the hill. If the camera view is gray, that means it’s foggy.
..That’s it for today. Thank you for joining me @
..Be sure to check out the other pages on the website for live webcams from around the area, live Radar, Satellite loops, Traffic conditions, along with live Weather conditions, and a live view of Lake Gregory from my weather station at the South side of the lake. Have a good Day! *RC

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-58/40*-1.00″R, Twin Peaks-59/38*-1.09″R, Lk Arrowhead-58/38*-.95″R, Running Springs-60/38*-.95″R, Big Bear-59/35*-.07″R, GVL-54/30*-.09″R, San Berdo-78/50*-.52″, Wtrmn Cyn-69/44*-.98″R.

Lake Gregory
Playground Drive

This years rainfall total is at 49.52″  at my location.

The last storm brought- 1.01” of  rain at my location.

Last storms  24 hour snowfall 0.00″

Season snow total at my location : 25.00

The total for the (2017-2018) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-19.57″ /4.25″ of snow.

The total for the (2016-2017) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-45.90″

The total for the (2015-2016) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total- 32.38″

All measurements are taken at my location on the South side of Lake Gregory.
Normal for the Crestline area is around ~40.00″.

The Rainfall year starts on July 01, and ends on June 30th.

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*RC. The information on this site is determined from many sources and is the most probable solution for our local area. Weather is a dynamic force and can change in a brief period of time.