Thursday, December 03, 2020


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..Good Morning.
..Today we will continue to have gusty Santa Ana winds through most of the day. RED FLAG FIRE WARNINGS ALONG WITH HIGH WIND WARNINGS will be with us through Friday night or Saturday morning.
..Currently there are several brush fires burning in SoCal. Please be careful out there!
..Temperatures will be cooler today due to the cold air blowing in with the Winds.
.. High pressure in the Great Basin will slowly weaken beginning this afternoon, so the winds will follow suit and weaken accordingly. We will still have gusty winds through the day tomorrow, just not as strong as this morning.
..Currently as of 7am, Playground Drive WX/ST has NE winds from 30-36mph, Upper Waterman Canyon-18-32mph, HWY 18 at Radio Point-30-50mph, and Arrowhead Springs-6-15mph.
..Fortunately, the humidity levels are staying a little higher than expected with lows running in the low 20s to low 30s overnight.
..As the driving area of High pressure in the Great Basin weakens, it will slowly move East. This will allow an area of Low pressure to follow in behind the departing High. As the Low moves into and through the Great Basin, a lobe will cut off and head towards SoCal and eventually end up off of Baja Ca. While this will not bring any moisture to the area, it will help for another round of Santa Ana winds around Monday and Tuesday as it moves East, putting us on the back side of the Low.
..Looking out in to the next ten days or so, there is no sign of rain in our future. WE are in a strong La Nina pattern. Dry for the southern tier of States and wet for the Northern tier. I am so ready to kiss this fire season goodbye!!!

..Thanks for joining me @
..As always, be safe, and please wear you mask if you go out. If not for you, wear it for the others around you that may have a weak immune system or just out of respect for others.
..Be sure to add this website to your favorites.( ) The live webcams on the webcam page, and real time weather center on the main page can be a big help if you are off the hill and want to know what is going on here.
..That’s it for this morning.*RC

Yesterday’s’ High and Low temperatures were:

Crestline-56/33*, Playground Dr-49/31*, Cdr-Pines Park-50/31*, Twin-Peaks-52/29*, Rim Forest-51/32*, Lake Arrowhead Village-57/33*, Arrowhead Villas-52/31*, Heaps Peak-50/30*, Running Springs-50/30*, Crab Flats-GVL-53/31*, Big Bear-51/28*, Upper Waterman Canyon-65/42*, San Berdo-79/43*, Arrowhead Springs-73/48*, Devore Heights-65/47*NE 45-54mph!, Cajon Lookout-55/36*-NE-18-26mph.