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Today’s Forecast for Crestline, Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Mountains.
Good Morning.

Clear skies greet us on this beautiful morning in the mountains. Today we will begin a weather pattern change across the West. We will still have a chance for pop up Thunderstorms along the ridges and Deserts of Inland SoCal, but today should be the end of that cycle. The Easterly winds aloft are in the process of changing to the South. This will cut off the Monsoonal flow to SoCal bringing in dryer air. Arizona and New Mexico will continue to be in the Monsoonal flow with T-Storms to continue there. Temperatures locally will remain about the same as what they have been for the next couple days. Then an area of High pressure will begin to build over the four corners States, and expand toward the West Coast Sunday. High pressure is now at 594dm @ the 500mb level and is expected to peak @ 600dm Wednesday. This is why temperatures will be on the rise, with daytime highs into the low 90s locally, and in the Valley temperatures are expected to be in the 107* range by mid week. As the monsoonal flow retreats East, humidity levels will return to more normal levels which will help with the heat index locally. A HEAT ADVISORY will go into effect around Sunday through mid week at least. Meanwhile to our South, the Hurricane season that got off to a busy start has really died off. But it looks like things may pick back up later next week as a couple of disturbances are likely to develop off of the southern tip of Baja CA. So that will be worth keeping an eye on. RC. Enjoy!

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-87/65*, Twin Peaks-88/65*, Lake Arrowhead-93/63*, Running Springs-80/64*, Big Bear-86/52*-.19, San Bernardino-99/67*.
Average local temps for today are: 82*-56* – MAX-96*(2000)-MIN-46*(1987).
Record High in July-100* 1972. Record Low-40* 1982.
Forecast Temperatures for the area Today and overnight:
Crestline, Twin Peaks, and Lake Arrowhead: 78-85*/62-68*. 15% chance of T-Storms.
Running Springs, GVL, and Big Bear: 75-84*/52-58*. 25% of T-Storms.
San Bernardino: 99-102*/67-72*.
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Weather Underground PWS KCACREST13

Weather Underground PWS KCASANBE65

Weather Underground PWS KCALAKEA16

Weather Underground PWS KCARUNNI8

Weather Underground PWS KCABIGBE23

Weather Underground PWS KCASANBE37

This years rainfall total is at  00.02″  at my location.

Season snow total at my location : 0.00″

The total for the (2017-2018) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-19.57″ /4.25″ of snow.

The total for the (2016-2017) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-45.90″

The total for the (2015-2016) Rainfall Year was,rainfall/melted snow total- 32.38″

All measurements are taken at my location on the South side of Lake Gregory.
Normal for the Crestline area is around ~40.00″.

The Rainfall year starts on July 01, and ends on June 30th.

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*RC. The information on this site is determined from many sources and is the most probable solution for our local area.
Weather is a dynamic force and can change in a brief period of time.

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