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On the “TODAY’S WEATHER” page there are live radar loops available.
A WINTER STORM WATCH will be in effect for Saturday-Monday.
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Good Morning.
For Today, We will have clear skies again today before a change in the local Weather will begin. Two LOW pressure systems will affect our area starting on Friday night. Beginning Friday night, a chance for light rain showers will precede the approaching WINTER STORM for the weekend. The first of the two systems will arrive Saturday morning with SNOW levels from 5-6k’. By Sunday and Monday, the SNOW Level will drop to the 4-5k’ level. There is a chance for some AR enhancement which will boost the moisture available for Sunday and Monday. PWAT levels may reach 1.00″. At this time the Mountain areas are expecting from 1.00 to 1.50″ of moisture with this system. That doesn’t mean 15″ of SNOW. We usually get from 2-5″ of SNOW per inch of precipitation at our level. The 10-1 Ratio of SNOW to WATER is at the 10,000 foot level here. The first system will move out late Monday and a second system will move in and continue RAIN/SNOW showers through Tuesday. There may not be a break between systems. The second system is expected to be cold as well with low SNOW levels to the 4000′ level. I will update the Forecast by 9am tomorrow.
Today, we will have a nice day for the Crestline, Lake Arrowhead and Twin Peaks areas. High will run from 56-62* and overnight lows will run from 33-38*. For the Running Springs, Green Valley Lake and Big Bear areas, Highs today will be in the low 50s and overnight lows will run from 30-37*. We will have light winds today that will begin to increase tonight and tomorrow as the next system approaches our area.

That’s it for today, have a good Day, and thank you for spending time with today. *RC
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Local High and Low temps from the last 24 hours are:
LAKE GREGORY——–61/34…….Elevation 4618’………..0.00″ RAIN
TWIN PEAKS————60/45…….Elevation 5784′ ……….0.00″ RAIN
RIM FOREST————58/41…….Elevation 5768′ ……….0.00″ RAIN
ROCK CAMP F/S——-65/41…….Elevation 4897′ ……….0.00″ RAIN
CEDAR RIDGE———-59/45……..Elevation 5580′ ………0.00″ RAIN
RUNNING SPRINGS—45/42………Elevation 6228’……..0.00″ RAIN
GREEN VLY LAKE——53/44………Elevation 6973’……..0.00″ RAIN FRZN
BIG BEAR—————–56/22………Elevation 6768′ ………0.00″ RAIN FRZN
CSUSB———————71/52……..Elevation 1278’………0.00″ RAIN FRZN
Rainfall amounts are, Storm totals as of the morning update during rain events.
Temps are 24hour max and min.
If you check the “ROAD CONDITIONS” page there is a live picture from HWY 18 AND LAKE GREGORY DRIVE. Use this to check the FOG or other road conditions such as CHAIN CONTROL.
Be sure to check the WEBCAM page to see how the weather looks at other locations around the mountain as well.


Current Lake Gregory Weather Conditions:


FEBRUARY 13, 2015 ENSO update.
Posted here area the two latest consensus forecast graphs for El Nino as of February, 2015.
figure3 (3)figure4
As of the last update on El Nino in early February, SST’s are still about 1 degree Celsius warmer than normal along the West Coast of the US, and from 1 to 2*c warmer than normal in the Baja California region. Enhanced Storm activity along and West of the Dateline at the Equator has been observed as well. Some Wind anomalies have also developed in the Mid Pacific Basin as well. Interestingly, the El Nino forecast remains fairly neutral through the West Coast Winter, however, during the upcoming Summer months, El Nino probabilities once again increase.


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