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..Good Morning.
..Today we will have high clouds from a system that is working it’s way through the west. The Marine layer is running around 1500-2000′ thick this morning. However, its mostly a thick haze in the IE this morning. All of this will slowly clear out by tonight as High pressure moves over SoCal from the Pacific.
..The weekend will be warmer for the region as we will be under a lobe of High pressure.
..As the High move over the area, a Cut Off Low will develop off Baja California from the passing Trough today. This Low will bobble around through the weekend to our South before getting caught up in the jet Stream again early next week.
..NE winds winds will arrive Saturday and Sunday but these winds will not be a strong event locally. Winds are expected to be mostly in the Canyons and along the Ridges from 10-35mph. Local temperatures will be warmer by a few degrees for the weekend before plummeting early next week.
..Early next week a cold core Low will move Inland along the West coast. This will bring much cooler temperatures to the mountain areas next week. By mid week, we will have a chance for rain, and snow at the higher elevations locally.
..The warmer Cut Off Low to our South, and the much coder Trough to our North will meet around Tuesday if all goes well. This is when we will have a chance for rain locally. More on this later.. *RC
..Have a good day, and enjoy the nice mountain weather. Thanks for joining me @

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-68/53*, Twn-Pks-65/48*, Lk-Arwhd-69/52*, Rng-Sprgs-62/47*, Big-Bear-65/29*, GVL-65/39*, San-Berdo-84/47*, Wtrmn-Cyn-74/46*, HPS-PK-59/49*

Lake Gregory
Playground Drive

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This years (2019-2020) rainfall total is at 00.23”  at my location.

The last 24hours have brought- 0.00” of  rain at my location.

Last storms  24 hour snowfall 0.00″

Season snow total at my location : 00.00

The total for the (2018-2019) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-54.16″ /25.00″ of snow.

The total for the (2017-2018) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-19.57″ /4.25″ of snow.

The total for the (2016-2017) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-45.90″

The total for the (2015-2016) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total- 32.38″

All measurements are taken at my location on the South side of Lake Gregory.
Normal for the Crestline area is around ~40.00″.

The Rainfall year starts on July 01, and ends on June 30th.

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*RC. The information on this site is determined from many sources and is the most probable solution for our local area. Weather is a dynamic force and can change in a brief period of time.

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