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Good Morning.
Today’s forecast outlook for Crestline, Twin Peaks and Lake Arrowhead and surrounding areas.
Winter officially starts at 3:03pm today.
High clouds will continue to pass over today. High Pressure will be the main weather feature for SoCal. At this time, it looks like high pressure and clear weather will be with us through the first week of January. All the Winter Weather has shifted to the middle of the country and east from there. The NAO will stay in the positive mode through that time which should give the Eastern part of the Country Winter Weather. For Monday and Tuesday, a weak Santa Ana will set up and we will have gusty NE winds to 30mph in favored areas. Temps for today will be from 55-60* and 38-44* at night. Monday’s temps will be from 58-62* and from 40-46* at night. Higher elevations will be a few degrees colder. The inside slider that was a possibility for Christmas has gone from the forecast models.*RC

This Holiday season will be the best SNOW conditions for our local ski resorts in years. You can check out the live webcam pic from Big Bear ski Resort on the webcam page on this site.

Satellite and other useful information may be found on this website on the “TODAY”S WEATHER” page. Click on the menu bar to view your choice. If you check the “ROAD CONDITIONS” page there is a live picture from HWY 18 AND LAKE GREGORY DRIVE. Use this to check the FOG or other road conditions such as CHAIN CONTROL.
Be sure to check the WEBCAM page to see how the weather looks at other locations around the mountain as well.

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Local High and Low temps from the last 24 hours are, at my location on the South shore of LAKE GREGORY.
LAKE GREGORY——53/40………Elevation 4618’……..0.00″ RAIN
TWIN PEAKS——–48/37………Elevation 5784′ …….0.00″ RAIN
RIM FOREST——–48/38………Elevation 5768′ …….0.00″ RAIN
GRASS VLY LAKE—-51/31………Elevation 4897′ …….0.00″ RAIN
CEDAR RIDGE——-50/37………Elevation 5580′ …….0.00″ RAIN
RUNNING SPRINGS—45/37………Elevation 6228’……..0.00″ RAIN
KELLER PEAK ——51/46………Elevation 5800′ …….0.00″ RAIN
BIG BEAR———-42/26………Elevation 6768′ …….0.00″ RAIN
CSUSB————-58/47………Elevation 1278’……..0.00″ RAIN
Rainfall amounts are, Storm totals as of the morning update during rain events.


Current Lake Gregory Weather Conditions:

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DECEMBER 18th, 2014 update.
The latest Graph I have posted above depicts the general consensus toward and El Nino winter for our region.
The other pic is the current Sea Surface Temps (SSTs) of the Eastern Pacific Basin.
The El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) graph again depicts a stronger ENSO confidence level than the last graph of early December for this Winter. The SST graph shows the current water temps along the Coast of the Western United States. Along the West Coast, SSTs are from 1 to 2*c above what would be considered normal (1*c = 1.8* Fahrenheit). Also along the Equatorial Pacific, Ocean temps area running 1 to 2*c warmer than normal as well. All of this together adds available Moisture to the Warm TROPICAL EASTERN ASIAN JETSTREAM(EAJ), which was present during the storms earlier in the month. The latest set of storms were guided by the COLD POLAR JET which has much less capability to hold large amounts of Moisture. Although, due to the warm Coastal Waters, heavy rains were evident along the immediate NorCal coast as moisture was advected into those areas. This Winter, we will have periods of Warm Tropical EAJ fed storms along with Cold Polar Jet fed Storms. Some of this is due to the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) has turned to a positive state which also coincides with ENSO. So as far as this Winter being the one to remember, it’s not likely, however, above normal Precipitation is very likely for all of California. Look for heavy Snows during the early Spring of 2015. *RC
*my opinion.