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Today’s Outlook for Crestline, Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Mountains.

Good Morning.
First off, on the EL NINO page, (website) I have posted the latest update as to the status of EL NINO from the CPC and IRI as of December 13th along with a few graphics.
This morning we have a slight offshore pressure gradient across SoCal. Daggett is at 1021.3mbs, and San Diego is at 1018.4mbs, so that is about a 3mb offshore flow. Very weak. For today and Sunday, we will have clear skies for most of SoCal as a Ridge of High pressure moves across the area. Temperatures will warm up a few degrees along with light and variable winds will make for a very nice weekend. Monday, a quick moving Trough will move through California. SoCal will be at the bottom of this Trough as it moves through the West. Increasing clouds with Ridge Fog will be likely Monday through Tuesday morning. We will also have a chance for a few showers locally, but the Subtropical moisture that has fed the last few systems will be nowhere to be found. So rainfall totals will be light. After that system moves out to the East, High Pressure will move in from the South bringing in much warmer temperatures along with a SW flow through Christmas. So as it looks this morning, after Monday’s system we will be clear of any storms until after the 25th. A Zonal flow will last for the next week or so. Then we will probably see a change back to more winter like weather with systems coming through the flow with regularity again. Currently on EL NINO, the SST’s continue to be warmer than normal in the 3.4 ENSO region.( This is the area that is used to measure the strength of El NINO) However, the atmosphere has yet to show any signs of coupling with the warmer than normal SST’s.(Sea Surface Temperatures, SST’s) So even though we have had several storms with a Tropical moisture feed, so far, the presence of El NINO has yet to show up. RC
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December’s average High and Low temperatures for this day:
HIGH-45*, LOW-29*. RECORD LOW-15*-1967, HIGH-63*-1958.

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-54/37*, Twin Peaks-50/43*, N-Lake Arrowhead-52/42*, Running Springs-50/44*, Big Bear-50/30*, San Bernardino-68/49*.

Forecast Temperatures for the next three days:

Crestline,Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead
Sat-58-64*/38-44*, Sun-55-62*/35-40*, Mon-48-54*/36-42*.

Running Springs, Arrowbear:
Sat-52-55*/35-40*, Sun-50-55*/35-40*, Mon-42-48*/33-37*.

Big Bear, Green Valley Lake:
Sat-48-54/25-29*, Sun-50-55*/28-32*, Mon-47-52*/26-34*.

San Bernardino:
Sat-68-74*/47-54*, Sun-69-74*/47-54*, Mon-62-38*/45-50*.

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This years rainfall total is at 8.66”  at my location.

The last storm brought 2.96″ of  rain at my location.

Season snow total at my location : 0.00″

The total for the (2017-2018) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-19.57″ /4.25″ of snow.

The total for the (2016-2017) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total-45.90″

The total for the (2015-2016) Rainfall Year was, rainfall/melted snow total- 32.38″

All measurements are taken at my location on the South side of Lake Gregory.
Normal for the Crestline area is around ~40.00″.

The Rainfall year starts on July 01, and ends on June 30th.

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Ron Chalfant

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Weather is a dynamic force and can change in a brief period of time.

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