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Today’s Forecast for Crestline, Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Mountains.

Good Morning.
There will likely be a wide variety of weather coming our way over the next seven days.
We will continue to be in a blocking pattern through Thursday. This will allow High pressure to our south, to expand over SoCal today bringing in warmer temperatures today and Thursday. We may see a brief period of light NE Winds today helping with the warming trend. Then on Friday, a fairly cold Trough of low pressure will move onshore across the PAC-NW. This will bring a return of a SW flow across SoCal, much cooler temperatures, and a deepening Marine layer through the weekend. Meanwhile, what will become a major Hurricane, Rosa, will track Northward off of the Baja coast. Rosa will wind down late in the weekend but continue in a Northerly, then Westerly direction into the Southern Deserts and Arizona. By Monday, we should see some effects from the combination of an area of Low pressure to our North, and the remnants of Rosa locally. Monday through Thursday there will be a possibility of rain and or Thunderstorms from the local mountains to Arizona, and Durango Colorado Dan, as of this mornings 5 Day model forecast. Also we could see some strong and gusty winds associated with this weather system beginning Saturday night and through the period. With the exceptionally warm Sea Surface Temperatures (SST’s) ~80* off of San Diego, it will be interesting to see how this will play out. The current models are having a hard time with the exact track of Rosa considering the arrival of the Trough from the North at about the same time, and how that will affect where the Tropical moisture ends up. Have a good day today and enjoy the great Mountain weather.

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-84/56*, Twin Peaks-78/63*, Lake Arrowhead-86/62*, Running Springs-76/64*, Big Bear-73/40*, San Bernardino-86/60*.
Average local temps for today are: 73/48*. MIN-30*(1948) MAX-88*-(1963)

Forecast Temperatures for the next three days:

Crestline, Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead:
Wednesday-80-86*/57-64*,Thur-82-88*/62-68*, Fri-78-84*/58-65*, Sat-68-75*/46-54*.

Big Bear, GVL, Running Springs:
Wed-74-79*/42-55*,Thur-75-81*/40-50*, Fri-75-79*/44-50*.

San Bernardino:
Wed-95-99*/60-65*,Thur-96-101*/60-65*, Fri-92-97*/59-65*.

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