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Good Morning.
Today we will start the day with mostly clear skies. By this afternoon, we will have increasing clouds with a chance for rain by late this afternoon and into the evening as a fairly strong storm moves in from the West. Rain will become moderate to heavy overnight with 1.5-3.00″ of rain expected by Thursday morning. This storm has a good moisture feed and will bring lots of rain to the Central Coastal region. As this system slowly moves south, the moisture feed will weaken with lesser rainfall totals as it moves toward SoCal. However, locally due to Orographic lift some local areas could see up to 3.00″ of rain from this storm. The freezing levels will be quite high as this storm is from off of the mid latitude area of the Pacific.
..For Tuesday and Wednesday, the snow levels will be around 8-10k’ then lowering as the cold air at the back of the storm moves through late Wednesday to around 6500′. Very little accumulation is expected at that time.
Thursday will be a transitional day as system number one moves out and another moves in. A few snow showers above the 6000′ level will be possible Thursday as temperatures should remain pretty cold. Snow showers will be possible Thursday into Friday with snow possible to the 4000′ level by Thursday night. This appears to be a weak storm with very little moisture associated with it. At this time snow accumulation estimates are running from 0-2″ across the mountain for Thursday and Friday.
..Saturday and Sunday will be mostly clear as we will be in between systems.
..Monday and Tuesday a cold storm will move towards SoCal with low freezing levels bringing snow as low as the 4500′ level at times. The AR enhanced storm for that period is no longer in the forecast as the AR is now forecast to retract to the South. This looks like the last system that will affect our area for awhile. There will be a couple of weak systems in the flow but at this time there doesn’t appear to be anything significant.
..Also, thank you to those of you who have donated to this website as that really helps offset the costs of running the website and its associated subscription fees, equipment maintenance, and tech fees.
..That’s it for today.
..Have a good Day! RC

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-55/38*, Twin Peaks-45/36*, Lake Arrowhead-59/40*, Running Springs-54/35*, Big Bear-56/34*, San Berdo-72/54*.

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