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Good Morning.
Don’t forget to use the webcam page on this website for real time weather as well as live temperatures and webcam from my Weather Station located at the south side of Lake Gregory.
Looks like a busy week ahead in the weather department!
This morning, light Fog is hanging around the Rim and Valleys of the mountain. Above, mostly clear skies except for a few high clouds passing through today. Winds will be light and variable today slowly increasing from the South East.
Currently, Surface High pressure (570dm) is located over the ID,ORE,WASH borders. An upper level area of Low pressure is located offshore of San Francisco. The compact Upper Low (540dm) to our North, will spin off a short wave of showers arriving here Monday afternoon. Showers will accompany short wave through Tuesday morning as it passes through SoCal. The snow levels for Monday/Tuesday will be ~5200-5500′ with snow showers possible to the 4500-5000′ level at times. Big Bear can expect to receive from 2-8″ of snow, Running Springs and Arrowbear will see from 2-6″ below the 5500′ level 1-3″ of snow will be possible. PWAT levels will be from .75-1.10″, so rain/melted snow totals will be from 1.50-3.00″ locally.
The next wave will be a little warmer arriving here Wednesday/Thursday. Snow level will start out around the 6000-6500′ level rising to around 7000′ then lowering to around 5500′ as the front passes and colder air arrives Thursday. This system will also have plenty of moisture so rain/melted snow amounts will be from 2-5″+ on this one. The NWS has issued a WINTER STORM WATCH for our area through Tuesday PM. The higher elevations can expect to receive from 2-8″ of snow above the 6200′ level with 1-4″ from 5500-6200′ for Wednesday through Thursday night. As it looks this morning. These are preliminary amounts and can change daily.
Friday through Monday looks like clear weather for our area as High pressure will build into the West. I expect to see more NWS Storm warnings and watches for our area as the week progresses. Flash flooding, Debris flow, snow and gusty winds will all be in the forecast for the next week. County and Cal-Trans crews will be out in force. DO NOT PARK IN THE STREET AS SNOW PLOWS WILL NEED TO GET THROUGH. Watch for rocks and other debris on the roadways and use your headlights when driving in the fog. RC
Have a great day, and thanks for joining me @ and be sure to check out the website for live webcams from around the area along with live weather conditions from my weather station at the South side of lake Gregory.

January’s average High and Low temperatures for this day:
HIGH-44*, LOW-29*. RECORD LOW-06*-2007, HIGH-57*-1996.
Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-46/30*,S/T.85″,Twin Peaks-35/29*, N-Lk-Arrowhead-44/36*-ST.48″, Running Springs-39/28*-.13, Big Bear-40/20*, San Berdo-57/40*-.77″.

Forecast Temperatures for the next three days:

Crestline,Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead
Sun-42-48*/32-38*, Mon-38-46*/31-36*, Tues-38-44*/36-42*.

Running Springs, Arrowbear:
Sun-35-40*/26-34*, Mon-36-42*/26-32*, Tues-32-36*/29-34*.

Big Bear, Green Valley Lake:
Sun-32-38*/20-26*, Mon-31-37*/24-30*, Tues-29-35*/27-32*.

San Bernardino:
Sun-60-64*/44-50*, Mon-60-65*/45-50*, Tues-55-59*/44-49*.

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If you are interested in buying a rain gauge or any other weather instruments, click on the Ambient weather graphic toward the bottom of this page (website) to access their website.
Here is a link to a wind chill chart conversion calculator. CLICK HERE

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