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Good Morning.
This morning we will have showers across the Mountain as the first of several systems moves through our area. Snow is falling at around the 5500′ level and there is chain control on HWY 330 @ middle passing lane, Arrowhead Villas road on HWY 18, and above through the Arctic circle to Big Bear. Rain will end by late this morning with a few showers likely this afternoon. Snow showers will continue above the 5500″ level for the same period. The Trof will pass early this morning so showers will be tapering off throughout the day. Temperatures will remain cool today with gusty winds as a weak Transitory Ridge builds through Sunday. Sunday we will have mostly clear skies as we will be in a Ridge of High pressure between systems. Monday, rain and snow will return as the next system to affect SoCal will move onshore late in the day. This system looks a little warmer so the snow levels will be from 5500-6200′ through Tuesday then lowering Wednesday to around 5000-5500′ as the end of this system moves through. Wednesday afternoon an quick Ridge will push through the area in between systems. Then the last in the series will push through Wednesday night and Thursday. This last system looks like it will colder and have plenty of Moisture with Precipital Water (PWAT) levels expected to be from .80-1.00″. Overall, a wet and Wintery period is likely for the area through Friday of next week as it looks this morning with periods of rain/snow. Running Springs, Green Valley Lake, and Big Bear will all receive from 4″ up to 15″ of snow by the end of this series of storms. Below Running Springs, a mix of rain and snow with up to 1-5″ of snow possible above the 5000′ level through the period. Rainfall/melted snow totals for this series will run from 4-8″ across the area through Thursday. Heavy rain at times may cause excessive runoff and or flooding in some areas through Thursday. Fog, Low clouds, flooding and snow will all make driving difficult at times. Turn on your headlights so others can see you, and slow down. Caltrans and County Road crews will be out working use caution around those areas. RC
Have a great day, and thanks for joining me @ and be sure to check out the website for live webcams from around the area along with live weather conditions from my weather station at the South side of lake Gregory.

January’s average High and Low temperatures for this day:
HIGH-44*, LOW-29*. RECORD LOW-10*-1963, HIGH-57*-1956.
Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-53/34*,-.35″, Twin Peaks-46/34*, N-Lake Arrowhead-55/34*-.19″, Running Springs-47/32*, Big Bear-50/27*, San Bernardino-69/48*-.22″.

Forecast Temperatures for the next three days:

Crestline,Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead
Sat-36-44*/31-36*, Sun-39-45*/29-35*, Mon-40-47*/35-40*, Tues-38-45*/38-44*.

Running Springs, Arrowbear:
Sat-33-38*/29-34*, Sun-35-40*/26-33*, Mon-39-42*/26-32*-(1-3″ snow).

Big Bear, Green Valley Lake:
Sat-28-36*/22-26*, Sun-28-36*/19-25*, Mon-28-36*/23-30*-(4-8″ snow).

San Bernardino:
Sat-55-60*/43-48*, Sun-58-62*/44-50*, Mon-60-65*/45-50*.

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If you are interested in buying a rain gauge or any other weather instruments, click on the Ambient weather graphic toward the bottom of this page (website) to access their website.
Here is a link to a wind chill chart conversion calculator. CLICK HERE

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