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Good Morning
The NWS has issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for our area from 4pm today, through 10am Sunday morning. (Details on the WX/ALETRS page)
This morning we have Altostratus cloud cover across the area from a Tropical Disturbance to our South. Currently there is lots of moisture from the 12k-30k’ level. The moisture in the Atmosphere will deepen throughout the day as the Cold Front gets closer bringing clouds and fog by late this afternoon or evening. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, a South West flow aloft has moved over the region and has brought the high clouds and upper level moisture with it. The cold Front that is expected to bring rain and snow to the area tonight through tomorrow morning will push the warmer air mass South and East later today. As the cold air arrives we may see a Thunderstorm or two when the warm and cold air meet this evening. Snow levels will begin around the 6k’ level, then slowly lowering to the 4.5-5k’ level by early morning. The bulk of this system will come through overnight and we will only have residual showers after 10am tomorrow. Rain/melted snow totals for this storm are expected to be in the .50-1.50 inch range locally. Snowfall amounts above 6000′ will run from 2-6″, from 5000-6000′, 1-3″ is expected. Below the 5000′ level, light snow or slush mixed with rain is all that is expected. Due to the SW flow, the South and West facing slopes will see the highest rainfall totals. PWAT levels are running around .55-.90″ with this storm so there won’t be any Atmospheric River enhancement associated with this storm as it looks this morning. Interestingly, the Tropical Disturbance off of the Southern tip of Baja is truly an anomaly for this time of year. It will be interesting to see where the moisture from that system ends up? On the long range outlook, the mid week storm is looking pretty weak today so I don’t expect much if anything from that as it looks this morning.
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January’s average High and Low temperatures for this day:
HIGH-44*, LOW-29*. RECORD LOW-10*-1949, HIGH-58*-1969.

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-47/43*, Twin Peaks-52/38*, N-Lake Arrowhead-56/41*, Running Springs-51/37*, GVL-51*357*, Big Bear-58/28*, San Bernardino-72/46*.

Forecast Temperatures for the next three days:

Crestline,Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead
Sat-43-48*/28-35*, Sun-34-39*/26-35*, Mon-46-54*/33-40*, Tues-48-54*/34-38*.

Running Springs, Arrowbear:
Sat-37-42*/25-32*, Sun-32-36*/24-28*, Mon-40-45*/30-35*.

Big Bear, Green Valley Lake:
Sat-35-40*/24-30*, Sun-26-32*/24-30*, Mon-32-38*/25-30*.

San Bernardino:
Sat-57-64*/45-50*, Sun-55-60*/42-45*, Mon-58-63/44-50*.

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