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Good Morning.
Fog has moved into the IE this morning and is currently up to around the 2500′ level. This will slowly clear out later this morning as temperatures rise.
..An area of Low pressure to our North, with a trailing Trough over SoCal, will slowly move East today. This will open the door for an area of High pressure now over the Southern Rockies to expand West toward SoCal in the coming days. As the High expands, temperatures will rise locally with less morning fog in the Valley and the IE. The mountains will continue to have mostly clear skies except for occasional high clouds and gusty afternoon winds through Wednesday.
..Temperatures should peak around Friday or Saturday with highs in the mid 80s for the mountains and in the upper 90s in the Valley. As the High builds over the area, Tropical moisture will be drawn into the Region Friday through Monday. Thunderstorms will be possible out toward the Colorado River this weekend as well as a chance for the Big Bear area, and local mountains and Deserts. As the Monsoonal Moisture moves toward the area, humidity levels will rise as well making for less comfortable weather over all.
..Now, post Tropical Storm Cosme, is fizzling out over the Pacific. At this time, there are no other storms in the Eastern Pacific.
..That’s it for now! Be sure to check on the Lake Gregory Weather Group, facebook page, for any radar loops or storm updates as needed.
Thank you. RC @

..As we head into Fire Season please use caution in all mountain areas. Also I will begin today posting the Fire Danger levels on the bottom of this page also check the wx alerts page for an in depth look at the local fire weather..(Website)

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-73/52*, Twin Peaks-70/52*, Lk Arrowhead-73/54*, Running Springs-73/53*, Big Bear-76/43*, GVL-73/48*, San Berdo-93/62*, Wtrmn Cyn-81/50*.

..On the main page of the website, I have added two live webcam views, one of Lake Gregory pointing North, and the other facing Southeast toward Waterman canyon. These are very helpful for the drive up and down the hill. If the camera view is gray, that means it’s foggy.

..Be sure to check out the other pages on the website for the Latest on El Nino, live webcams from around the area, live Radar, Satellite loops, Traffic conditions, along with live Weather conditions, and a live view of Lake Gregory from my weather station at the South side of the lake. Have a good Day! *RC

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