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Good Morning.
Trends..Not much change in our weather pattern for the next week or so. We will continue to have alternating areas of High pressure moving in from the East, toward the West, with Troughing moving through from the PAC-NW in between.
..Today and Thursday will be HOT across the region. San Bernardino can expect highs today in the 103-107* range. I was down there yesterday and actually had a reading of 107* on my cars temperature gauge for a brief time. So I don’t expect it to be any different today. Thursday we may see a couple of degrees of cooling across the area but any significant cooling won’t begin until Friday..
..A Trough will move through the PAC-NW on Friday and Saturday. This will bring some cooling to the area of 5-10* by Saturday. Onshore flow will increase as the Trough moves through along with a deepening Marine layer. We may see some gusty South West winds Friday evening, and Saturday as well. Our skies will remain mostly clear through the period with only a few high clouds at times.
..To our South, Tropical Disturbances continue to develop, but conditions are not favorable for Hurricane development at this time. So they come and go with little to no effect on the West Coast weather trends. However, September typically is a busy month for the NHC (National Hurricane Center) as well as early October. We typically have a few storms that affect SoCal over the Summer Hurricane season as they die out along the Western Coastal Region of Baja Ca while moving North. As it looks on the long range outlook today, we may see something toward the end of the month moving North along the Baja peninsula and into SoCal as a remnant storm. *RC
..As we head into the latter part of Summer and the Fall Season, the local Forest vegetation is drying out. Fuel moistures are below average now, and the Fire Danger levels are on the rise. Be sure to check Fire Regulations before camping to make sure of current Fire Regulations. Also I will be posting the Fire Danger levels on the WX Alerts page for a more in depth look at the local fire weather..(Website)
..Thank you for joining me @

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-88/66*, Twin Peaks-82/63*, Lk Arrowhead-84/66*, Running Springs-81/66*, Big Bear-81/44*, GVL-80/63*, San Berdo-106/65*, Wtrmn Cyn-00/00*.

..On the main page of the website, I have added two live webcam views, one of Lake Gregory pointing North, and the other facing Southeast toward Waterman canyon. These are very helpful for the drive up and down the hill. If the camera view is gray, that means it’s foggy.

Thank you to Joel at for all of your help keeping this website going!

..Be sure to check out the other pages on the website for the Latest on El Nino, live webcams from around the area, live Radar, Satellite loops, Traffic conditions, along with live Weather conditions, and a live view of Lake Gregory from my weather station at the South side of the lake. Have a good Day! *RC

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