ENSO Regions

El Nino/ La Nina.

From September of 2017 through March of 2018,  ENSO region 3.4 has been in a La Nina state.

This is due to the SST’s ( Sea Surface Temperatures) remaining at or below what would be considered Normal for this area of the Central Pacific as well as the Eastern Pacific.  Since May of 2018,  the ENSO 3.4 region has began to warm slightly and is now in a neutral state. This warming of the this region of the Ocean is expected to continue for the next six months or more. Currently the 3.4 region is at .2*C  above normal. For the El Nino Threshold to be reached, the SSTs will have to reach at least .5*C above normal for several consecutive months. The current forecast is for this trend to continue into the Winter of 2018/2019 with a 50-65% chance for El Nino to return to the West Coast for next Winter.

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