Friday, Feb 14, 2020






..Good Morning! Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Birthday to my brother Ken.
..Well if you like Winter weather, you’re not going to like this forecast.
..High pressure over the Pacific will be our main weather maker for the next seven to ten days. A short wave will pass to our North today then we will be in a Zonal flow through the end of the month. No storms are on our Horizon through the end of the month, at least. The pattern we are in has to do with the AO (Arctic Oscillation), and the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation) which is to our North, and to our East. These circulations influence the Jet Stream as well as the distribution of cold air across the continent. Both have an effect on the global weather especially here in the continental U.S. in the Winter months.
..So the long term outlook is for the AO and NAO to remain in the current positive state, keeping our weather dry for at least the next ten days, or so.
..So on to the Weather Forecast. Warmer days along with cool nights will continue through the Valentine’s Day/Presidents Day Weekend. Clear skies with light and variable winds will be about it. If you are heading to the beach, Morning Fog will greet you but should burn off by mid morning.
..Early next week Tuesday and Wednesday, there is a good chance for Santa Ana winds to return to the area. Oh Boy! I’m over the winds!!!
..Have a good day, and thanks for joining me at RC*

Yesterdays’ High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-57/29*, Playground Dr-52/42*, Twin-Peaks-54/39*, Rim Forest-59/36*, Lake Arrowhead Village-57/27*, Arrowhead Villas-52/40*, Heaps Peak-49/39*, Running-Springs-49/36*, GVL-51/24*, Big-Bear-46/16, San-Berdo-75/41*, Waterman Canyon-66/40*.

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