Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020





..Good Morning.
..This morning we have clear skies across the mountain as of 6:00am. However, there is a layer of Fog starting around the 3500′ level to the bottom of Waterman Canyon. This will probably creep up to the Crestline Bridge before dissipating later this morning.
..The area of Low pressure that brought cloudy skies to the area yesterday along with drizzle and light rain showers toward the Coast, has moved into New Mexico and Texas overnight. As the remnants of the Trough clears out, High pressure will begin building in today, clearing out the morning Fog and bringing in clear skies, and warmer temperatures. The Sunrise this morning was nice with the Fog and High clouds.
..Tomorrow we will begin to warm up as the upper level area of High pressure takes hold. Temperatures will peak Saturday, then the a Trough will approach the West Coast bringing in cooler temperatures for Sunday and Monday.
..This will be a similar system to what we just had with increasing clouds, Ridge Fog, along with drizzle or a shower as the Front moves through. No measurable rain is expected at this time.
..Then as the system moves out late Monday, A Sub Tropical High will move over the West with a return of warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine.
..The MJO has gone into Phase 7 and is weak. So I expect High pressure with dry and warm weather will be the forecast for the next five to ten days, at least.
..On another note, please check out the website ( ) for the Facebook users, as it has much more weather information including live streaming webcams, live sat pics, and Radar.
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Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-44/35*, Twin-Peaks-40/35*, Rim Forest-40/34*, Lake Arrowhead Village-49/29*, Running-Springs-44/36*, Green Valley lake-46/33*, Big-Bear-49/36*, Wtrmn-Cyn-49/41*, San-Berdo-59/48*.

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