Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020





..Good Morning.
..So far there is no Fog in the Valley, or along the local Ridges. Today we will have mostly clear skies with only a few high clouds later today.
..There is a weather change coming that will begin to affect the local area by tomorrow afternoon. An area of Low pressure will begin to develop off of Washington State late tonight. This will become a Long Wave Trough along much of the West Coast by tomorrow night stretching from the Gulf of Alaska to SoCal. Rain and snow will spread South as the Front moves onshore in the PAC-NW. As the system moves inland, it will spread South toward SoCal weakening as it does. The brunt of this storm will affect Central California, and North from there. Here in SoCal, we will get the weaker bottom end of the Trough with only a short duration rain event here.
..Rain and or snow will begin locally during the afternoon hours on Thursday. The snow levels will begin around the 6000′ level, then lower to ~4500′ by Friday morning. At that time most if not all of the moisture will have moved through leaving only scattered showers or snow showers for early Friday morning. Gusty winds will accompany this system beginning Wednesday night, lasting through Friday morning. Accumulations of snow for the areas above the 5500′ level will be from 1-4″. From the 4000-5000′ levels, rain and a trace of snow up to 1 inch can be expected.
..Looking out at the long range models, the MJO is forecast to be fairly strong in phase 6, moving into phase 7 later next week. This could mean High pressure over the Eastern Pacific through the next seven days. Then as we transition into phase 7 if the MJO stays strong, we could see a change to a wetter Pineapple Express type pattern to finish out the month. This will be interesting to watch over the next week to see how the MJO Forecast plays out.
..That’s it for today. Have a good day and thanks for joining me at lakegregoryweather.com.</strong>

Yesterday’s High and Low temperatures were:
Crestline-54/31*, Playground drive WS-49/37* Twin-Peaks-54/36*, Rim Forest-54/34*, Lake Arrowhead Village-58/27*, Running-Springs-51/37*, Green Valley lake-59/28*, Big-Bear-58/24*, Wtrmn-Cyn-53/33*, San-Berdo-62/38*.

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